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Hassan Muslli
Argument Essay
Pursuit of Happiness

"Pursuit Of Happiness" is name of the new movie available this week in DVD. The actor Will Smith shows the audience how money changes his life. He was poor man sleeping in public restroom with his eight years old son. Then he worked hard and he became a billionaire. Money changes his life and bring happiness for him and his son. You will say it is just a movie but Will Smith made this movie from a true story. In fact, Everyone who has watched this movie agreed that money can bring happiness to our lives. Money can bring happiness from three aspects, economical, social life and familial.

First, by money people can buy anything they want. They can buy things make them comfortable in their lives. For example, people can buy a house on beach and enjoy the view every morning. In addition, people will not worry about their bills. For example, employees and workers will not save money every month to pay their invoices and credit cards, because they already have it. So, people's wishes can happen by money, because if they have money they can buy their wishes.

Second, with money, people can help the society to develop. they can volunteer to build buildings that help in community. For example, people can build a hospital for indigents or they can build a public school so even the poor children will be educated. Moreover, people can bring big companies in the country and of course that make the society better. For example, workers can buy trucks from Germany and bring it to their country. Trucks with best quality help the society, because this kind of trucks work for long time and can not be damage easily. as a result, improving the society can happen by money.

Third, people can bring happiness to their families. they will have more time to spend with them. For example, they do not need to work two jobs a day and they do not need to work over time. In addition, they can buy for their families everything they need. For example, when the teenagers grow up, their wishes become a lot, and they will ask a lot, such as they will need a car when they join the college, or money to start their lives when they separate from parents. Sometimes parents can not afford what their children want, but with money they can buy their desires. Accordingly, making your family happy and spending more time with them happen when you have money.

opponents say that people will like riches for their money and they will respect them for what they have. However, this is not true. If people have money, they will choose their friends carefully by introducing their selves for people they think they are like them for their personality. In fact, they can develop their personality by taking courses in NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming). NLP make us read people minds and also understand their movements (Ellerton, 2003). Thus, riches can keep others who like them for their personality and not their money to be their friends. In addition, Money can help them to be in position to deal with royal people. In many cultures money is important to meet majestic families. people who can help them to get their goal and their happiness in this life.

It is true that money can bring happiness for us. It can help us to deal with our lifestyle. Without money we can not stay in our society like we want. We also can not bring the happiness to our homes, our families, our lives. People who say "money is trouble" do not understand the meaning of money. They do not understand that money is everything. They need to see what would happen if they are poor and they did not have income: they would try to take a loan from a bank or ask people for money, because money can save you from asking people to give you what is not belong to you. Moreover, with good income we can secure our selves from be broke one day. By starting a new project for example, or by buying stocks and selling it when the prices goes up. When people have money they will find a lot of ideas and a lot of business they can do. They can start their lives in a new fields and get experience. With money they can do whatever they find it necessary, because anything we need come by money.

Ellerton, R. (2003). What is NLP?. Renewal Technologies. Retrived . April 3, 2007, from

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The consequents of using credit cards

Hassan Muslli

EAP2, Writer’s Workshop
Heidi Wright
April 27, 20


The topic of this article is credit cards. It argues that there are a lot of disadvantages of using credit cards. There are four reasons of this argument. The first is that credit card is easy to lost so it can be used by anyone. The second is the interests of credit cards are high. The third reason is psychological. Finally, credit cards can cause health problems for people who used it.

The definition of credit card is “ A plastic card having a magnetic strip, issued by a bank or business authorizing the holder to buy goods or services on credit. Also called charge card” (Credit card, para. 1). In “How credit cards work” the author gives us more specific definition and he stats “A credit card is a thin plastic card, usually 3-1/8 inches by 2-1/8 inches in size, that contains identification information such as a signature or picture, and authorizes the person named on it to charge purchases or service to his account, charges for which he will be billed periodically” (2007, p. 1, para. 3). This seem like credit cards is secure and nobody can steal it. However, thieves have many ways they can use other credit cards. For example, they can use other credit cards to buy stuff from the Internet where no need for signature or picture to identify the person. Thus, credit card is just a piece of plastic people can buy by it everything they need. All what they need to do is choose the product, take it to the cashier, swipe the credit card and pay later. This gives the impression that everything is easy to get. However, people start using credit cards since 1976, and everybody like this new idea. (2007) on the contrary the results appear to consumers after years from using it, and everyone knew the secret of it, they need to pay more than what they should. People were looking for money and baying stuff even if they do not have money. Some people need money these days so they can buy anything they want by their credit cards and sell it in the same day and get cash money. So they can pay to the card later. Nevertheless, what if they could not return this money back in the due date? The result is that the bank will charge them late fees. Here is the problem with late fees because it is high and unreasonable. When people applied to this credit, they care more how much money they can get from this credit no matter how much is the late fee, because they are “sure” they can pay on time.

First, credit cards easy to lost like any card. In this case people do not use just only a credit. Also, lose money. For example, if someone found a credit card in the street, he do not need to ID to prove that this credit belong to him, he can buy thing by Internet, so no signature and questions for ID. Moreover, when somebody lose his credit, he gives plenty time for thieves to use the credit, and that’s because he will lose a lot of time for calling the bank and waiting to prove that he is the person who will cancel the credit.

Second, credit cards have high interest. It means the rate of these credit increase all the time. People want easy money. They think by credit cards they can buy anything they want. In fact, they do not realize this high interest can make their income down and one day they will found their selves poor. In addition, they will need to get loans to cover the damages, which comes from credit cards. For example, if the limit of the credit card was 500$ and the person used it and can not pay the money in the day of payment, the bank will charge him high interest and in this case he need to take loan to pay for the credit. Certainly, the bank can gives anyone want credit card, and sometimes they send to people a lot and it is free. For example, the bank looks to the history of somebody and make him as a favorite costumer. Then, they send him a lot of credit cards, and he thinks he can handle it, but one day he figure that his finance state became downward.

Finally, credit cards can cause for people stress and this bad for their health. According to Reuter (2006) he asserts “ the marketing techniques and incentive programs used by credit card companies induce consumers to overspend and amass debt. A 2002 medical paper described in the article links credit card debt to various health and social problems, including insomnia, anxiety, martial breakdowns and depression”. The depression is the first problem people will get it from these credit cards. People owe money to banks because of credit card, wake up every morning, with a reminder in their head like a noise alarm, credit card must pay, but they can not handle it, and everyday they are late banks charge them more. In addition, people can have comfortable life with money, and credit cards bring problems. For example, if somebody wants to move from his house to take another comfortable house, the owner of new house will ask him about his social security, and the owner will see his history credit and refuse him. So the person will be so disappointed until he gets sick.

The opponent says that credit card is good because it is your money and “use it when you need it”. However, this idiom we hear it every day because we need money everyday. In fact, credit cards are just successful from the commercials and the advertisements. Some times they offer for company credit cards for all the employees in good rates, but when the employees use this money and they can not pay, the winner in this case is the bank because the employees and the company applied for the conditions the bank ask about it.

In conclusion, people should take care about their money from thieves and the best way now to steal people is steal their credit cards. If the government want to keep this credit cards, they should low the rates because it is not equal with the citizens` income. This credit cards cause a lot of stress for people, they should stop using it if they can not pay the whole amount of this credit.


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Marijuana and freedom

Have we ever seen somebody smoke marijuana in public? The answer of course is no, because it is illegal. Think about marijuana and the legalization of it; does anyone has the right to smoke marijuana even in public? Some people agree that it is right for anyone to smoke it; because it is like tobacco, other not because it is illegal. The side who are say is illegal they also assert marijuana is blend of cannabis and other wild plants (Hitti, 2007). Everything in this life has advantages and disadvantages. We can not ignore the advantages in marijuana and make it illegal for just a few reasons. Marijuana should be legal for three reasons; medical reasons, prohibition reasons and economical reasons.

First, people can not find cure for all diseases, and scientists found recently marijuana is a good cure for some of diseases, such as cancer. Doctors can stop cancer by marijuana because marijuana cause anesthetic in the body and prevent the disease from extending. (Kravets, 2006). For example, in Florida, the state government since the last decade starts to make marijuana legal in medical use. They know how marijuana is can effect in the modern medicine. Also, with marijuana they can find a lot of medicine for a lot of disease. For example, they can produce a new can of drug can help in many diseases in the same time, they will save money for people from buying different kinds of remedies to different kinds of illnesses. Thus, if the governments make marijuana legal they will find a good solution for a lot of diseases.

Second, governments are trying to forbid marijuana and keep it illegal. They also put fines for anyone who carries it. Moreover, they disagree even if the person who carry it for medical reasons. However, make marijuana prohibit is not the solution. There is a quotation says "forbidden fruit is sweet ". Whenever governments make a decision to prohibit something, people will like to discover it. Therefore, making marijuana illegal is not the answer. For example, in the last century using alcohol was prohibited, and people were trying to produced it in illegal ways. However, when alcohol is legal, people can decide whether they want drink it or not. Therefore, people can make decision by themselves about whatever they want, and prevent marijuana is not the resolution.

Third, farming weeds-which marijuana comes from-cost less money than producing new kinds of medicine. Governments should care more about economic side. Marijuana can grow up every where and no matter in what season. People can grow whole acre of field with marijuana in just 3 months. Accordingly, that gives us more medicine in short period of time. That does not cost the government a lot of money. Therefore, making medicine from marijuana will cost the government less than trying to make marijuana forbidden. Thus, economical system will be better if the government make marijuana legal.

Opponents say that marijuana can affect the human body. It can make injurer and cause damage to memory. In "Marijuana Effects" the author claims "Marijuana use can cause people to forget things and interfere with learning. It can make you see and hear things that are not there or distort the way you see and here" (2007, para. 4). It means marijuana can confuse the brain and this is dangerous for human body. However, the idea is not convincing because most people drink alcohol and get confused, and using alcohol is legal. If they say the reason of marijuana should stay illegal, because it distorts the way people see and hear, the answer is: Why is drinking alcohol legal while the same effects happen? Thus, people can decide whether they drink alcohol or not, smoke tobacco or not. Therefore, people should make a decision whether they use marijuana or not.

In conclusion, for poor people who can not afford expensive medicine marijuana will be a new solution for their pains. Marijuana will be very cheap for them to use it as a medicine if they use it as prescription from doctors. People have the right to make decision in their life about everything such as smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol and also smoking marijuana. People have the right to choose. People cannot be agree every time with their governments, so they can still smoke marijuana even if the government does not allowed it. The taxes can be increased by the government when the government allowed using marijuana. When selling marijuana become legal, the government gets profit and gets more money from taxes of growing and selling marijuana. As a result, marijuana should be legal because it helps people and governments.


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Should the Government control every thing?

In this interesting article"Chinese YouTubes Courting controversy?" by William Moss. The author talks about how the world has changed since the last decade until now, he assert that this change incorporate the technology system with our life. Moreover, he talks about kind of technology the government try to control it, which is Internet. The author declares the government side and they have the right to block some websites in the Internet. In addition, he verbalizes an important question about Chinese government and they can block anything they find it against their policy.
If we begin our discussion by do the government has the right to block anything the want, in my estimation they cannot do that especially in country as China. Country of 1,317,411,509 and still increasing,see here, have the right to choose what they want to watch. In addition, if we compare between china and any another country in the technology system, China still behind in some parts because the Chinese government still anxious from technology and specially network system. Thus, they block websites one after another. However, youtube`s revolution in the network made all people around the world between our hands, we can see them, we can share their information and their knowledge, we can also laugh with them about moments they really never forget it and it happened once upon a time. All of this some governments -like China- Deny it and want to block youtube and other websites we can get knowledge from it.

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Hassan Muslli
Summary Response
Alternative energy

In this article “ Alternative energy: talk isn’t strategy “ the author argues that the government needs to do more than talk about alternative energy. According to the author Bush talks about how is very important to research and find more sources in Alaska by drilling. Also, the author mentions that Bush says that the government will build homes are equipped with solar plants to generate electricity. However, the author says there are people who refuse Bush’s idea about drilling in Alaska. Moreover, the author mentions that the government still continues to admit more foreign oil. Furthermore, the author dispute Bush talking too much will not solve the problems and Bush must fine the solution. Finally, the author says discussion is good but we need a good policy.
It is obvious the author’s points are very important and should be respected. The government should stop looking for new oil fields. America is dependent on oil but the solution is not continuing destroying the environment. Also the government needs to make it better without destroy it. In addition, America needs more and more energy and that kind of energy should be from other resource like solar or biomass and there are a lot of resources the government should consider it as important resources. Finally, Bush and the Congress have refused to increase conserving fuel. The government should find new solutions for alternative energy. They need to find also another resource not only depends on oil and fossil fuel; because the world is running out fossil fuel and our demand for electric power keeps increasing and fossils fuels pollute the earth.
First, America is developed country and it depends in incredibly percent on oil. For example, if America stops buying foreign oil it will not continue developing more than now. Because America depends on oil and as we know there are a few oil fields in United States and the government looking for new oil fields. Also, searching for oil cost a lot of money, so it is better if the government keeps buying foreign oil and spends searching and extracting money for makes a new projects.
Second, looking for new oil fields destroy the environment. As we know America have the most wonderful fields like in the world like in Alaska. The government keeps looking for new oil fields that will be waste of nature. People consider United States as a place to see how is the nature works there and make beautiful looking in all seasons. So destroying the nature will also decline the visitor for United States
Finally, America is urban country and this required more and more energy to e successful. With making a new projects or make the country more developed, the government needs to find new sources or replacement source just in case the country will loose one. It means more sources US have lead to more energy. In addition, every source there is time and it will end on day, so more resources for energy gives the country more time to survive and accelerate time to develop.

In conclusion, America is dependent relative with oil and without it the country cannot advance. Environment in America should be nature not nurture so the government should take care of it and not destroy it. Energy is very significant in our life and more sources for it lead to better life. The solution here is not looking for new fields, but the solution is find more sources to keep the new generations in safe and make them in depend on themselves.

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Attention Governments! Nuclear power is not the solution

EAP2, Writer’s Workshop
February 23, 2007


Attention Governments! Nuclear power is no the solution

Thesis: Governments should not support nuclear power and they should stop use it as alterative energy source.
I. Introduction
A. The world depends on nuclear power.
B. Disadvantages of nuclear power.
C. Thesis: Governments should not support nuclear power and they should stop use it as alterative energy source.
II. Background:
A. What is Uranium?
B. Nuclear power caused cold war between countries.
C. Competition between countries about who will build more nuclear power plants.
III. Main Arguments:
A. Nuclear power is dangerous and it can cause health problems for human and can cause environmental problems.
1. Cause cancer and disease.
2. Radiation can spread thousands miles.
3. The diseases may be in long term.
B. Is nuclear power plants are very expensive.
1. Expensive to build.
2. Save money if the governments did not use it.
3. Nuclear power is nonrenewable source.
C. Nuclear power takes long time we need to build one nuclear energy plant.
1. 20 year and still not secure.
2. Governments are continuing nuclear tests and the results are negative.
IV. Conclusion
A. Three reason to stop it.
B. Government should care more about this issue and they should stop it.

The topic of this paper is nuclear power. It argues that nuclear power should not be used as alternative energy source and should not be supported. There are three reasons for this argument. The first one is nuclear power very dangerous for human being, and the second one is nuclear power is very expensive. Finally, nuclear power plant takes long time to build.

Nuclear power

About 75 percent of the electricity is generated from nuclear power. All the energy in the world depends in these percent. However, there are a lot of disadvantages of nuclear power. In "Nuclear power is dangerous. Expensive even outdated. There are much more modern energy sources" Rifkin (2006) says that " with a minimum price tag of 2 billion each, new generation nuclear power plants are 50 percent more expensive than putting coal-fired power plants online, and they are far more expensive than new gas-fired power plants" (para 3). The author mentions here about how nuclear power plants are expensive, but is this just the only disadvantage of nuclear power? Of course no because there are a lot of disadvantages that nuclear power should not considered as alterative energy source because it is very dangerous to human body and for the environment, also it is too expensive to extract and make useful power from nuclear energy. Finally, it takes long time to build nuclear power plant and this time is waste. Governments should not support nuclear power and they should stop use it as alterative energy source.

Scientists discovered before 20 years ago about new power, huge amount of power, they found a significant constituent called Uranium, which is formed in stars. Old stars before thousands of years ago exploded, then the dust and the rest of these shattered became together and this formed our planet, the Earth. Now days, all the world become interesting to these power and the Uranium became an important constituent and most find and use. In addition, there is a cold war now between countries about nuclear power plants. United Stats refuse Russia and Iran to build nuclear power plants because they use it for nuclear bomb. In fact, in "could nuclear power give coal a challenge" the author tell us "Russia plans to build more than fifty new nuclear power plants and china plans to add between 20 to 30 new plants by 2020" (Energy Publishing, 2007, Para 13). So the danger from this power it is possible to use it to make nuclear bomb.

First, nuclear power is dangerous and it can cause health problems for human and can cause environmental problems. If the explosion happened accidentally the radiation can spread three thousands mile, it is like the whole Australia. Moreover, it changes our environment. For example, Goodman (2006) says that "The revival of interest in nuclear energy is linked directly to concern about global warming. Nuclear reactors do not emit carbon dioxide…" (para 7). Goodman shows here how can nuclear power effect the environment and be the main cause for global warming. According to Gilbert (2006) says "global warming is among the most pressing concern. It's estimated that a three fold expansion of nuclear power worldwide by 2050 could contribute significantly to preventing climate change. An expansion of nuclear power on that scale would avoid 1 billion to 2 billion tons of carbon emission annually"
In addition, it can be dangerous to human body in many ways and it can cause long term diseases. Until now the scientists did not safe way to transfer. According to Rifkin (2006) " 60 years into nuclear era, our scientists still don’t know how to safety transport, dispose of or store nuclear waste" (para 4). In conclusion, the danger in nuclear power can effect our exists and our environment so we should not use nuclear power as source of energy.

The second reasons that should not use nuclear power as energy source is nuclear power plants are very expensive. To build one nuclear power plant we need to spend 2 billion. According to Elston (2007) said that " In Ontario, the McGuinty government has committed more that $40 billion for nuclear construction and the refurbishing of the province's existing fleet of aging reactors" (para 2). We can use this money on many other things that can benefit us. For example, we can invest other type of energy like Biomass, Natural gas or Solar-hydrogen because it is cheaper, renewable sources and not toxic. In conclusion, the high amount of money we use it to built nuclear energy we need to use it in other things that can use as good source in energy.

The third reason is the long time we need to build one nuclear energy plant. More than 20 years and until now they could not build nuclear power plant 100 percent safe. According to Rifkin (2006) "In the United State, the federal government spent more than $8 billion and 20 years building what was supposed to be an airtight, underground burial tomb dug deep into Yucca Mountain in Nevada to hold radioactive material."(para 4). So they tried to make it safety as much as they can and they depend on the long term but it still perilously. Also, it is waste time which is should be used to do for another things like build more sources like hydro power, and it take much less time than nuclear power. In conclusion, the time is very important, rather than waste time on testing new things like nuclear power plants we should build new plant that depend on other sources like hydro power, wind, coal and solar. Governments are continuing nuclear tests and the results are negative. They need to look for the real solutions which are in other resources.

The opponent of using nuclear power as alterative energy source says that the energy we got from this source is much more than any another source and this will help the world to used more energy. Unfortunately, the energy we get from nuclear power is huge, but we get it after many levels. For example, extracting Uranium from the earth waste heat and this heat is so important to keep the constituent crude and useful, but when Uranium transfer to nuclear plant will be a high percentage of that heat gone. In addition, anytime uranium divided in wrong way the operation will fail. So it needs high quality of machines and experts should be very intelligent. So any defects will ruin the process. In conclusion, the huge amount of energy we get from nuclear power will help the industry, but the process to this energy require containing a lot of problems not solved yet.
In conclusion, nuclear power should not be used as alterative energy source. We need to keep the world save from any danger and nuclear power is one of the causes of these dangers. Money we spend to build nuclear power should be used to build other sources of energy. The world is moving fast in the revolution and we do not need to waste any time. Nuclear power is taking a long time in build and process. The author try to show how nuclear power is will help the revolution and industry and this is good. However, what is the point if we have good industry and bad environment? Government should care more about this issue because the industry would to complete the nuclear power projects. In the same time we will lose the environment and we will cause a lot of dangers in this world.

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Jeddah! The coast city of Saudi Arabia

My city is Jeddah and it’s a coast city. It is located in the west coast of Saudi Arabia. Of course the first thing I will show to the tourists is the Red Sea. I'm a diver and I have an advanced license, so I can show them how beautiful the Red Sea is under water. In addition, I will show them the malls, many malls we have in Jeddah, and I'm sure people who are from abroad will like it!
There are a lot of good places I would like to show them, like our resorts, islands and beaches. Generally in resorts each family has its own beach, which is wonderful. My favorite resort is called Moevenpick Al-Nawras. I love it! That's because each villa has a view of the Sea, and also people will swim in their own pool and each pool has a view of the Red Sea, and that is make swimming more enjoyable.
Hassan Muslli

TOEFL Paper-based test

Students come to study from all over the world to the United States and Canada. They want complete their education there to have more skills and more high degree in the life. They become international students and they need to take TOEFL Paper-based test before they join the university. But this kind of TOEFL tests does not prove their English in so many ways, although it is very important to be admitted to an American university. It should not be considered as a value for their English. Also, TOEFL test should not be considered as a value of English’s students.

First, TOEFL Paper-based test has limited skills. For example, it does not contain speaking section, which is very important for students who are very good at speaking. So the students will get low scores because they did not take the part they good at it. In addition, in the TOEFL Paper-base test there is writing section, which is very important for people who they are good in writing. For example, journalists are very good in writing and if we judge if they are good in English by TOEFL tests it will not evaluate them with good score. If they include writing essay they will do better. If they include the writing section and put time for speaking section in the TOEFL paper based it will be a good value for the students who are going to join the American Universities.

TOEFL paper base test need to be in relevant subjects. For example, there are less topics about real life of the students and how they deal with problems in the Universities, they need to choose subjects from inside the campus like In the IBT Test. Students care about American university and American lifestyle which that what the students need to be considered about. The Organization of TOEFL include in the test stories about things doesn’t have any relation academically. In addition, the topics in TOEFL Paper based are so complicated. For example, some of it very difficult for student who are don't know about Western Culture, and as it's known It's difficult to try figure and guess what people from different culture like or dislike, unless there is information about that culture, so they need to choose topics easy for international students and in the same time teach them about the new culture they never know about it before.

TOEFL paper base test get the students stress time. Each section in the TOEFL test contain with around one hour and for three hours students will have a lot of pressure just trying to get the best score in the test. So it is too long and that’s make the students exhausted. Also, There are tricky Questions, which are in the all test, and the students need to take care of it. In addition, different question in the TOEFL test give the stress for the students by confusing them and that's will not let them focus in the main idea in the TOEFL test.
The opponents of TOEFL paper based test say it is easy for the universities to deal with the students from their scores because they can see whether the students can study will in the university or not. However, is not true, because if the schools judge about the students by taking TOEFL test or not, it wont help some students who are really good at English, but they did not do very well on the TOEFL test. Each school or university should make a special program or test work with colleges and majors. The problem it is not easy for all the universities in the United States or Canada test all students in the same why, in fact, not all the university in the United Stats are the same, for example Harford University and Yale University are the most hardest Universities in the world.

In conclusion, limited skills in the TOEFL test cannot prove and judgment students if they good in English or not, they need to focus about the subjects in the TOEFL test and make it appropriate with academic parts and western culture. And they need to organize the time in the TOEFL test like divided the sections in different days or give a long break time. Also, each university should make an individual exam work with majors and college they afforded and every year they need to change it to better and add more idea on the test. Students try to take TOEFL IBT out side the university and it cost a lot just to join the university, so the university should considered what is in TOEFL IBT test and it is not present in the TOEFL Paper-Based test. Or they can give the students in inside the university IBT test and include the price with the tuition.

All people where in the world depend on oil for keep living. These days due to industrialization, globalization and resources, which are decreasing, oil is becoming the most inalienable resource. We walk in the forest of modern technology and we always need energy sources especially oil. For these reasons, people are searching new ideas for resolutions. In the article, “Alternative energy: Talk isn’t strategy,” the author concludes that American alternative energy strategies are not functional. The author says that America has to produce new and convenient projects. I agree with the author given that sources of energy are getting lost. Therefore we have to find out new strategies and development them.
The author of the article “Alternative energy: Talk isn’t strategy,” is discussing the America’s new alternative energy’s positive and negative qualities. According to the author, the alternative energy appearances like a good idea but it is not a useful solution. Bush mentions that gasoline prices can be dropped by the alternative energy. Also the author states that ethanol alone cannot solve American foreign oil addiction. According to the author, America needs a solution as soon as possible. However the alternative energy doesn’t immediately replace. I agree with the author. This strategy looks like a useful theory but we can understand after analyses, that it is not useful. In addition the author doesn’t feel comfortable with these strategies, because they are not enough for us.
First, Bush claims that gasoline prices have dropped for two months with the alternative energy. On the one hand, the author explains that researching new energy sources and solving mechanical problems are very expensive. It will be a lot more to produce ethanol from grass and plant waste on top of research and solution. Conversely, this amount is worthless compared to pay to taxes for oil companies, according to Bush. Also he adds that if we breaking our addiction of oil, we have to stop financial support.
Second, the author states that ethanol cannot solve the problem, because most oil is from overseas. Americans use almost one barrel of the oil everyday, which is from overseas. This amount is too much for substitution with ethanol. According to him, example of Brazilians is a very good instance: make ethanol from sugar cane. On the other hand we have to account to sugar prices and its taxes.
Third, people don’t have any time to wait to solve the energy problems. Bush stated that project is not ready yet. Scientists and citizens agree with that we are in a case of emergency. Furthermore America needs to drill (bore) for oil and gas in Alaska and abroad that is near water. However, many ecologists don’t want to make it. Next, Bush and the Congress have refused increase high car mileage more than current standards. Conversely, Bush efforts to build more vehicles that run on E85 (15% gasoline and 85% ethanol) but owners of these cars cannot find it and use gasoline. As a result we have been losing time still with these argues and instabilities.
In conclusion, countries of world need find new sources or new strategies for use situated ones. The American Government tries to solve the dependent of foreign oil. America still needs a complete policy immediately. In addition, strategies to conserve energy, improve efficiency, and develop more alternative energy sources contribute to energy diversification.

McClatchy. (2006). Alternative Energy: Talk Isn’t Strategy. Tribune News Services. Retrieved February 8, 2007, from Lexis-Nexis database.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hassan Muslli

The Path to Successful Future

What high school students care about is what they’ll do in their weekend, want kind of boy or girl they want, when they’ll get a new car or get out of school. But the main point here is how this students wake up and thinking about their future without a clue from their parents and their teachers, and it’s important to know how they decide of which major they take. Students must start to plan for the future from the first year of high school.
Making a plan about the major is very difficult especially when the teenagers don’t have much information about the majors and jobs. So, the beginning will be from the teachers and give the students more information about all majors and give them the freedom to see themselves in these jobs. Let them to take some tests and show them how they did in these tests. Moreover, it’s more important to understand their skills and their talent. The plan will be easier if there are some help. When they finish the high school here will be the next step. Choosing the path of the future, and it’s the time to decide what the students want to be. This is not easy specially if the student didn’t take the tests or learned about the different major. So the problem will be what they are going to do. So they just see what their friends doing and do the same thing. And here is another problem. They discovered in the meddle if the way that major is different from their skills, so they change the major to something else.

Future for the children is just to be rich and successful, and this is something good to choose. But what happen in high school is like a nap from this stuff and leave it to another time so in the last year in high school they mention that they need to choose the way to be famous and successful, so they want to be doctors or engineers. In addition.They need important help to wake them up to start planning to the future from the first year of school. In conclusion, if we teach our children about good jobs in our life their mind will discovered there are a lot of important things to care about like choosing the path of the future.

Randall S. (31, July 2006). Choosing a College Major: How to Chart You Ideal Path. Retrieved (02, Aug 2006) from _major.html